Legal Unit acts as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

Legal advisor is a legal officer from the Attorney Generals’ Chambers who has a duty to assist the Attorney General in carrying out his duties under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution.

1. Provide written or oral legal advice to the Ministry.

2. Draft and vet principal legislation and subsidiary legislation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry.

3. Draft and vet draft agreements, memorandum of understanding and other legal documents.


1. Malaysian Biofuel Industry Act 2007 [Act 666]
2. Malaysian Timber Industry Board (Incorporation) Act 1973 [Act 105]
3. Malaysian Cocoa Board (Incorporation) Act 1988 [Act 343]
4. Malaysian Rubber Board (Incorporation) Act 1996 [Act 551]
5. Malaysian Palm Oil Board Act 1998 [Act 582]
6. Malaysian Pepper Board Act 2006 [Act 656]
7. National Kenaf and Tobacco Board Act 2009 [Act 692]
8. Rubber Price Stabilization Act 1975 [Act 161]
9. Rubber Statutory Bodies Act 1985 [Act 321]


 Puan Noorafiza binti Mat

Legal Advisor (PUU)

Legal Unit (UUU)

03-8880 3336

Cik Lina Khalida binti Masri

Deputy Legal Advisor (PPUU)

Legal Unit (UUU)

03-8887 8394